Strategic Plan

The Arc Washington County

Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan





The Arc Washington Countyís Board of Directors and Executive Director in collaboration have created this Strategic Plan as a roadmap for organizational development for the next three years. The purpose of this formalized plan is to maximize the allocation and use of the resources of the organization to provide the best possible services for individuals. In creating this plan the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as well as the opportunities and threats in the organizations operating environment were taken into consideration to decide what the goals and objectives of the organization should be.


Background and History


The Arc Washington County was formed in 1961 by a group of parents, teachers and citizen advocates. The purpose of the organization was to begin to formalize ways to provide services that were needed for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in our community. In the beginning there were several activities such as camps that were organized by the Arc Washington County chapter. Over time the organization began to change to a service oriented one, and several spin offs were created. Among these are The Dawn of Hope and CORE services.


Today The Arc Washington County has four primary service areas: Independent Support Coordination, Family Support, Early Intervention and the Respite Centers. The Arc of Washington County also engages in actively referring individuals to other service organizations when there is not a service that is compatible for them at The Arc.




To create partnerships that foster nurturing communities where people with disabilities can live their vision of a valued life.




Individuals with disabilities have the opportunity and needed supports to contribute the fullness of their being to the wealth of human community.


Core Operating Values


Our Credo


We believe every individual has sacred potential. We pledge we will encourage, value, and celebrate every individualís unique efforts in seeking their potential throughout their lives.




We respect each personís personal identity passport that includes their family heritage, customs, rituals, the right to choose personal life goals, where and with whom they live, where they work, and with whom they share t heir most intimate moments. We believe each person has a sacred right to belong as a valued member of his or her community, perform valued social roles, have friends, and participate in the life of the community. We will seek, discover, and value the gifts each person brings to the world.




We will listen, observe, and discover the spark of greatness that exists in the people we serve, our colleagues, and our partners. We will seek to discover the unique capacities and capabilities that exist in every person. We shall view the differences between and within people as diversity and not as deficiency. Our greatest natural resources are our hearts and minds, together with those of our partners. We celebrate diversity.




We are unconditionally loyal to the persons we serve. We will support their needs to work, love, play and worship in fellowship with others. We will support and value our colleagues in their efforts to seek their sacred potential. We will comfort and aid family members in their roles of parent, sister and brother. We will respect and seek collaboration with our partners in meeting our vision and mission. We will acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments. We will live a true partnership orientation to life in this organization. When needed by the people we serve, their loved ones, and our partners weíll be there.




We will nurture our ability to grow and to discover new possibilities in ourselves, our world, and those in whose lives we share. We will encourage others to reach for their dreams and seek their potential. We will strive for excellence but not perfection in our personal and collective journey to improve the wealth of human community. Our destiny is to grow, evolve, to learn and always become more of who we are.




We will focus our human and organizational resources on the visions of the persons we serve. We have a genuine commitment to the belief that persons served have the right to control their own lives. We willingly give our energy, creativity, potential, skills and ourselves to the people we serve.


Direction and Results


The strategic direction that this plan outlines is The Arc Washington Countyís response to the current opportunities and challenges of allocating the organizationís human and financial resources in a manner that best achieves the vision and mission of the organization.


With the understanding of where the organizations strengths and weaknesses lie, and where opportunities for growth and excellence lie, The Arc Washington County will pursue the following strategic direction:


1.†††† The Arc Washington County will develop new programming to diversify funding streams and provide much needed services to as many as possible.


2.††† The Arc Washington County will engage in increased fundraising opportunities.


3.††††††† The Arc Washington County will engage in community education and awareness to advance individuals with Developmental Disabilities in our community, state and nation.


4.††††††† The Arc Washington County will engage in educating our area legislators to the dire needs of the citizens with disabilities in Tennessee.


Goals and objectives


The following goals and objectives provide the means for accomplishment of the strategic direction for the further development of The Arc Washington County for 2014-2018.

Varied Programming

The Arc Washington County will increase the programs offered to provide the maximum amount and variety of programs feasible.


1. A committee will be established to explore needs in the area that are not currently being met to design a program.

†††††††††† a. Members will be identified and a committee created by May 15, 2015. The committee will †††††††††† begin meeting and exploring possibilities. Progress will be shared with the Board of Directors.

†††††††††† b. The committee will design a program to establish from June, 2015 to December, 2015.

†††††††††† c. The Board will be presented with the program in January, 2016.

†††††††††† d. The committee will begin procuring funding for the program with a target date of July †††††††††† 2016 to have funding secured.


Community Education

The Arc Washington County will increase community knowledge of the Arc and of people with disabilities for the advancement of the disability community.


1. The Arc Washington County will create a resource data base of local community providers for referral. The database will be on the Arcís website and on the Arcís Facebook page.

2. The Arc Washington County will create a presentation database. This database will contain individuals that will be available to speak with families, businesses, other service providers and other relevant entities.


Legislator Education

As part of exceptional service delivery, The Arc Washington County needs to increase involvement in educating legislators about the needs and funding gaps of area residents with disabilities.†


1. The Arc will become more involved with advocating for our individuals with area legislators.

†††††††††† a. A representative of The Arc Washington County will attend disability days

†††††††††† on the hill each year.

†††††††††† b. Service recipients, board members and other stake holders will be

†††††††††† educated about the importance of calling and writing to area legislators.

†††††††††† c. Luncheons with area legislators will be scheduled every six months. The legislators will †††††††††† hear highlights and stories about Arc programs available, as well as ongoing needs of †††††††††† individuals residing in the area.



The Arc of Washington County has been in existence since 1961. The Arc will strive to increase the awareness of our organization in the community.


1. The Arc will increase public awareness of its supports and services.

†††††††††† a. A representative of The Arc will attend public events, such as job fairs,

†††††††††† kid power and United Way luncheons to make our presence known in the community. At least †††††††††† three events annually should be attended.

†††††††††† b. The Arc will continue to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

†††††††††† c. The website and Facebook page of The Arc will be updated frequently.

†††††††††† d. The Arc will maximize the use of media coverage through PSAs and news stories.

2.† The Arc will conduct fundraisers that provide opportunities for individuals served to be involved by attendance and/or working at the event.


Staff Benefits

The Arc of Washington County knows that staff is the foundation of providing excellent supports and wishes to increase the well-being of staff by providing excellent benefits and resources.


1. Training opportunities in addition to required training will be offered every six months, provided staff is interested in attending.

2. Bonuses will be provided for staff whenever feasible.



Updated February 16, 2015